Day 1 with Takkin

I arrived at 8:30 this morning and was greeted by my dad and brother at the airport, which was somewhat shocking since my dad was supposed to be on a plane to Iran. His flight last night had gotten canceled. He’s leaving tonight, fingers crossed, since Takkin seems to be much worse around him and … More Day 1 with Takkin

If I Tell You I Believe in Ghosts, Will You Think Less of Me?

I spent ages three through nine in a 100-year old stone farmhouse right off Route 50. There was a pool at that house and my brother Arash and I painted fishes and waves and dolphins on the walls of it and then we’d lay the hose on the concrete edge and it would take all … More If I Tell You I Believe in Ghosts, Will You Think Less of Me?

25 Things You Don’t Know about Me

It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving and everyone is gone. I am bored. Just spent 45 minutes re-reading an old US Weekly, hence the inspiration for this exercise. It’s especially challenging because I’m shamelessly open and most people know almost everything about me. Here goes: I attended 9 schools between preschool and senior year of high … More 25 Things You Don’t Know about Me

Family Poems

Mother Do you remember when you called me because you’d taken some pills and you needed someone to lead you home. I can still hear the angry horns through your car phone, feel my heart tumbling into my stomach, as I struggled to help you navigate a route you’d taken hundreds of times. You made … More Family Poems