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On the Eve of My Trip to Portugal

IMG_1923Well friends, tomorrow I head to Portugal, first to the capital city of Lisbon then down to the Algarve Coast to a beach town called Albufeira. I am really excited but there are some things I have on my mind that I wanted to share.

  1. I’m nervous about how my brother Takkin will behave during this trip. His mental health issues have been really bad lately and he’s basically a loose cannon. I’m worried he will be impossible to handle, and even more selfishly, I’m worried he’ll become my problem. God, that makes me feel like a bad sister, but that’s the truth.
  2. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a city where I don’t know the language and have no one to guide me–it will be an adventure but part of me questions whether I’m up for it or I can handle it. Will I be able to get around ok? Will I spend a lot of time being lost? These are things that fully excited and energized me but now as an old hag of 33, I fear I won’t be able to hack it.
  3. I am sad to leave Ernie behind for so many days.  I know he is in good hands at his boarding facility but will he remember me???
  4. I’m taking my goddamn laptop with me. I did all I could to avoid this but it seems that work has taken over my life. I can’t go one day without working anymore and I swore I wouldn’t be one of those people and now here I am taking projects and emails and timesheets on a European vacation with me. Kill me now.
  5. I am v. proud of being a light packer. Is that dumb? Oh well.

Wish me luck everyone; more pics and posts to come from Portugal!

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