10 Reasons Why My New Boyfriend Isn’t the Worst

IMG_1853We all know I’ve had my share of interesting dates and boyfriends throughout the course of my dating history, but I have been lucky enough to share the past couple months with someone who seems very different than the rest. The following list might seem generic or simple, but the truth is that these are qualities and actions that previous boyfriends did not possess or act upon. He is special. And all of this feels very new to me. It can be scary sometimes, but now that I’m getting more used to being treated with kindness and respect, I don’t know how I lived without it before.


  1. Does not play games.
  2. Genuinely wants to spend a lot of time with me.
  3. Tells me I’m pretty every day.
  4. Knows movie trivia better than I do.
  5. Listens to albums all the way through instead of just the top hit songs of an artist.
  6. Asks me question AND he remembers my answers to those questions.
  7. Is ready to see my home town and meet my family–and is unafraid to take that “step.”
  8. Loves his mother, sister, nephew, niece, cousins, family, friends.
  9. Respects me.
  10. Puts up with (and is supportive of) my dumb Whole30 diet.

The best thing is, I could go on and on. There’s so much more and I am somehow happy. It seems a miracle, but folks, I am finally happy.

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