In Which an Old Man Talks at Me for 2 Hours


An older colleague of mine asked for a happy hour drink and I said yes, despite my suspicions that this was not necessarily going to focus on work chat. He proceeded to regale me with the following stories and tidbits:

  1. He talked about his football start days and all the partying he did back in the day.
  2. He told me about the time he had the opportunity to cheat on his wife but didn’t (what a swell guy!)
  3. He mentioned he was one of the most successful businessmen in his field and wasn’t retiring yet because the company desperately needed him.
  4. He mentioned his travels all around the world.
  5. He said he was into middle eastern women…

Meanwhile, I did not speak for almost 2 hours, besides the occasional “mmhmm” and “yeah.” Word of advice to all you men out there (and women too for that matter), ask a lady a question now and then. It goes a long way. Engage in a conversation. I am not a Barbie doll who is sitting there to look pretty and have a vapid look on my face while you wax poetic about the good old days. DON’T BE A STEREOTYPE. It’s not that hard…

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