An Ode to My Best Friend

0F5C94B7-08F5-4D65-8BCF-157E970AE715I’ll never forget what you were wearing that first day I saw you: an orange tube top with denim overalls. We sat across the room from each other in Mr. Petrik’s IB English class. During attendance he called your name and you said something funny and the whole class laughed and I knew I wanted to be your friend. I was new to the school, and weird, and uncomfortable, and a teenager. But we got paired together to work on a project about The Great Gatsby. You came to my house and we came up with some half-assed presentation that still managed to get us As. We were 16, and how could I have known then that you’d be there for me–every single day–for 16 years, and more to come. Like I said, we were only 16, and all the things in life were fleeting. Except you.

It’s so hard to write about everything we’ve done together and all the ways you have been my best friend without being overwrought and cheesy. But I’ll give it a shot and a shout out to some of the many highlights. Remember always:

  1. We spent our weekend nights with the boys hanging around in parking lots and going to McTacoHut and driving around for hours just laughing and chatting.
  2. Rooming together at UVA, ordering Domino’s thin crust pizza (I still love that shit and I know you do too, and never let anyone shame you for that) and watching Sex and the City on that tiny TV in your room. Talk about some basic Bs.
  3. Getting scrubbed clean to the bone at that hamam in Marrakech and walking out into the sunlight like newborn lambs.
  4. Running through the streets of Barcelona in the moonlight shrieking with the joy of having no responsibility and the whole night ahead of us.
  5. Every Simpsons quote we ever spouted off to each other. YOU DON’T WIN FRIENDS WITH SALAD.
  6. Settling you into your new home in Atlanta when you started law school and began the journey to become the incredible lawyer and professor you are today.
  7. Talking, crying, laughing through every bad boyfriend, every bad date, every bad relationship, and the occasional good ones too. Oh, and the one that finally stuck (big ups Steve, the only man I met who deserves you).
  8. Forcing me to come out of the house and get tea when all I wanted was to crawl into a cave and never see the light of day.
  9. Living 4 blocks from each other and never, ever taking that for granted.
  10. Being my my best friend, my sister, my blood, and part of who I am–until we’re old ladies and this list is too long to even count.

You are the most incredible woman I know–a fierce protector of civil rights, a nurturing mother, an equal partner to one lucky husband, a devoted daughter, the best friend a girl could ever dream to have, and one strong, badass woman. I can safely, accurately, and truly say I would not have made it through without you. You inspire me–and everyone around you–every day.

Tomorrow, my friend, you move over 1000 miles away. But distance ain’t got nothin’ on us. We’re in this forever. I love you always always always.


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