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Stress Eating and the Top Ten Most Pathetic Things I’ve Eaten This Week

FullSizeRender (1)We all do it. And this has been a stressful week. Being in Virginia always brings out the worst habits in me and I think it’s a coping mechanism. My family stresses me the fuck out so I eat whatever I want because food is joy and even when it’s not joy, shoving stuff down my gullet is something to do besides sit and worry about every little stressful thing that happens. Here’s what I’ve ingested so far (it’s Thursday, folks, so let’s see what garbage food I’ll be eating tomorrow before I head home to Chicago on Saturday).

  1. Bag of Trader Joe’s white cheddar popcorn in one sitting.
  2. Cold chicken nuggets with coagulated barbecue sauce.
  3. 7-layer dip (no chips).
  4. Several gin and tonics.
  5. Four pears back-to-back.
  6. 1000 calorie cheeseburger. Added the extra special sauce for an additional 120 calories.
  7. Two extra large Dunkin Donuts iced coffees every day this week (and you can bet your ass I’ll have one tomorrow).
  8. A VAT of garlicky kale salad.
  9. A bag of frozen berries (eaten with my fingers)
  10. Shrimp Pad Thai and someone else’s unwanted broccoli in Panang curry sauce.


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