What Work from Home Is

*Inspired by What Work Is by Philip Levine

I lay in bed fIMG_1703or a long time
waiting for the day to be over. Before
it has even begun.
You know what work from home is—if you’re
in your pajamas reading this,
eating buttered noodles out of a pot
then you know. This is about doing nothing,
or next to nothing.
Feeling the soft comforter against your skin
while you nap in the middle of the day
and follow it up with a snack, then
another. You stop for a moment and wonder:
What is happening in the office, and just as quickly
as the thought entered your brain,
it is gone.
You’ve never
worked so hard to do so little
not because you’re too lazy or dumb,
not because you’re not sure what your job actually is
or are confused by the simplest email, no
just because you do know what work from home is.

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