A Few Words on the Eve of War with Iran

I’m sitting here in my apartment in Chicago, thousands of miles away from Iran, scrolling Twitter for the latest news. An hour ago, the irrational and reckless leaders of a nation retaliated with a missile airstrike for the assassination of General Soleimani, the work of another irrational and reckless leader of another nation. “We are … More A Few Words on the Eve of War with Iran


By the time I entered 8th grade, I had already attended six schools. My family had just moved back to small town Virginia and I was back at the private school I’d started Kindergarten in. It was January when I came back, I was fat, and my parents were getting a divorce. It was 1998. … More Ariadne

Quit Trying to Sell Me on Your Happiness Myth

Every day we are all assaulted with the concept of happiness. Media, messaging, “research” touts this mythical framework, this unattainable state of being: Five Steps to a Happier You Happiness is a journey, not a destination. Good Days Start with Gratitude For years I struggled. I was constantly asking myself questions surrounding this nebulous idea: … More Quit Trying to Sell Me on Your Happiness Myth

The War for Takkin

I got a call from the lawyer in Takkin’s guardianship case yesterday saying that my mother had called and wanted to also be a co-guardian. This is a person who is unhinged, irresponsible, narcissistic, and has all but abandoned her son. Now she wants in. I am currently grappling with this: can I enter into … More The War for Takkin

Day 10 with Takkin

Today has been one of the most harrowing days of my life. And I am too zapped of any life force to begin this essay with some flowery metaphor or theme that will be interwoven throughout the text, to crescendo with a lessons learned and come to a close with a nod to something positive. … More Day 10 with Takkin